Luna Nature


Introducing Luna Wood: Where Timeless Beauty Meets Natural Elegance. Elevate your space with the exquisite Luna Wood variation, featuring cone-shaped wooden legs crafted from solid beech. Combining timeless design and natural allure, Luna Wood brings a touch of warmth and sophistication to hotels and restaurants, enchanting guests with its impeccable charm.

Crafted with Precision and Nature's Finest

Luna Wood showcases the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and natural beauty. The solid beech wooden legs, elegantly tapered in a cone shape, offer both visual appeal and exceptional durability. The rich, organic texture of the wood creates a warm and inviting ambiance, effortlessly complementing a wide range of interior styles.



VOLUME (box): 0,38 m3

WEIGHT:  8,0 kg


WIDTH: 55,5 cm 

DEPTH: 59,5 cm 

SEAT HEIGHT: 53,0 cm