Join the SitTogether Family: Collaborate with Us for Exceptional Furniture Solutions

 SitTogether is a company with a long tradition in chair manufacturing, located in Manzano, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy, a region known for its excellence in this field. We take pride in our rich history of providing high-quality furniture that enhances the comfort and style of homes and contract facilities worldwide.
Our team of professionals, from planners to constructors and organizers to after-sales representatives, are driven by their passion, hard work, and love for their craft. Our success is not only measured by the quality of our products, but also by the satisfaction of our customers and the happiness of everyone involved in the process.


At SitTogether, we believe that our love and attention to our craft is reflected in the final product. We are dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and respecting environmental responsibility, ensuring that our products not only provide comfort and style, but also contribute to a sustainable future.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond just providing exceptional products. We strive to make our customers feel comfortable and valued, and our team is always available to provide personalized assistance and support. We understand the importance of building relationships with our customers and are dedicated to creating a positive experience for each and every one.

Join us in our mission to provide exceptional furniture and create a more sustainable future, while enjoying the comfort and style of our long-standing tradition in chair manufacturing.