The only way for us to thrive is to manufacture in a manner that does not harm our planet and ourselves.

Certified products will be manufactured on request.


Creating a Sustainable Legacy 

At SitTogether, we believe that manufacturing should not come at the expense of our planet. We strive to create furniture in a manner that is both sustainable and eco-friendly. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in everything we do, from the materials we use to the production process we follow.

Our wood is sourced exclusively from Slovenia and the Western Balkans region, in accordance with all relevant eco standards. We work with certified Italian suppliers for all our metal needs. We constantly work to ensure that we abide by the latest environmental rules and regulations. Working with like-minded suppliers and customers allows us to achieve our sustainability goals and contribute our part in Saving the Planet.

We are also proud to be a part of the circular economy revolution. With the implementation of circular business models, we take environmental sustainability to a new level. One of our latest examples of circularity was the production of our Expert Cappuccino chair. In this project, we bought used Juta coffee bags and repurposed them as fabric for our Expert chair. Our aim is to take care of both the people and the environment, the two pillars upon which our company is built.


Built for Strenght and Safety

At SitTogether, your safety is our top priority. All of our chairs undergo a variety of tests carried out at the CATAS research center. CATAS is the main furniture Testing - Certification - Research body in Italy. These tests are done in accordance with National (UNI), European (CEN), and International (ISO) standards. CATAS tests assess the chair’s mechanical safety, strength, durability, fire resistance, and evaluate all chemical and biological reactions of our product’s coatings and surfaces.

The CATAS certification guarantees that our chairs meet all technical furniture standards developed by standardization committees (CEN/TC 207 "Furniture" and ISO TC 136 “Furniture”). We take pride in the fact that our chairs meet the highest standards of safety and quality, ensuring that you will never be let down while seated on our chairs.