Let’s sit together. It doesn’t matter for as long we’re together.

In other words: I’m proud of my dedicated team of co-workers.

We are a compact team and that means fast communication lines that saves time and money – also for you. We think out of the box with a result of huge global potential. If it’s up to us, we go straight ahead in to the universe – again with you. To us, B2B means getting better sales results together.

Our goal is keeping you more than satisfied so that you are willing to come back time after time. With more than a decade of experience, we work closely together with architects, designers, project managers, distributors, agents and anyone else who needs reliably-designed commercial furniture worldwide. We are based in Italy, a country well-known for its top-notch design.

Each of our team members has their own professional skills – from planning to constructing, from organizing to after-sales. We can count on each other and you will notice this when working with us. Our mission statement is not just to keep you satisfied with our latest innovations. Or to give you best value for money. Or to be flexible all the time.

That are facts that you can rely on. No, it’s more. Let’s bring it back to the basics that it’s all about: SitTogether is all of us together – for the better and forever!

Like tables and chairs go great together.

Sincerely yours,
Adela Meijer